Блуза за бременни "Обичам те!", черна

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Производител: My Tummy
Блуза за бременни "Обичам те!" с картинка "Сърце", черна. Идеален подарък за бъдещите майки.

Maternity blouse with I Love You words in different languages and glittering hearts, which draws attention to the growing tummy.

- excellent for autumn days and not only ;)

- perfectly fits the body shape while your tummy grows

- delicate and soft to the touch, thanks to an incredible combination of cotton and modal

- perfect to wear even after childbirth

- wide range of imprints

- natural composition of: cotton, modal and spandex.

Our maternity clothes are produced in Europe from top quality fabrics!

Model: Monika (height 170 cm) 7 months pregnant, size S in the photo.

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